1st Grade

1st grade

Things we will be working on this trimester:

Language Arts:

Read common, irregular sight words.

Read short vowel word families.

Blending two and four phonemes into recognizable words.

Use knowledge of vowel digraphs ( ai, ee, ea, oa, etc.) and r-controlled letter-sound associations ( or, ar, ir, etc) to read words.


Writing complete simple sentences.

Using topic and conclusion sentences.

Using transition words ( First, Next Then, Last).

Using descriptive words.


Demonstrating knowledge of basic addition and subtraction facts.

Measuring using nonstandard units of length.

Learning doubles facts with sums up to 20.

Telling time to the hour and the half hour.


Our Grading Scale:

90-100%= Advanced (A)
80-89%= Proficient (B)
70-79%= Basic (C)
60-69%= Below Basic (D)
59% and Below = Far Below Basic (F)



* Every Friday students have a spelling, dictation, reading, and daily skills test. Please study with your child at home.

*Students need to be practicing their Phonics Library books and math facts daily at home.

*Homework will go home every Friday and is due the following Friday.

*Students should be practicing their High Frequency Words daily. Learning to recognize High-Frequency Words by sight is critical to developing fluency in reading. You can downland a list of First Grade High Frequency Words under the "Document Manager" tab.

*Please make sure your son/daughter wears closed toe shoes to school. This will help ensure that they are able to participate P.E activities without getting injured. 

Contacting Your Child's Teacher

We look forward to teaching your child and working with you to help your child achieve their fullest potential. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Mrs. Soria   dsoria@valverde.edu

Mrs. Tansy  jtansy@valverde.edu
Mrs. Uzzi
Mrs. Veik  cveik@valverde.edu

    Purchasing books from Scholastic is an excellent way to get your child excited about reading! Here is a link to the scholastic website.

    Click Here For Scholastic Site

    Donations are greatly appreciated!!

    We are in need of copy paper, kleenex, antiseptic wipes, small treats for treasure box, and hand sanitizer.